Giacomo Fuochi

managing director
FMGru srl
DescriptionFMGru established in 1920, in the '50s started its work in the welded metallic carpentry sector and in the '60s its business in the production of tower cranes becoming a leading company in this field thanks to the advanced technologies used and the high level of services given.
Organization Type Medium-sized Company,
CityPontenure, via Emilia 11 Google map
Areas of Activities


    Metallurgy /Metalworking



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          Tower cranes

          Our skills are:
          • QUALITY: we use only the best raw materials for the prodcution of high quality products
          • UPDATED TECNOLOGIES: precision, adaptability, security
          • SERVICES: thanks to our qualified technicians we are able to give to our clients a quality and reliability service
          • EFFICIENT AFTER-SALES SERVICE: thanks to the computerised warehouse
          • CUSTOMER ASSISTANCE: we support our clients in solving problems related to the use of cranes
          • PERIODICAL TRAINING COURSES for crane operators, technicians and electricians
          • EASY TRANSPORTATION: easy and sure loading in containers, trailers and trucks for saving costs
          • SECURITY: all the raw materials used are tested and certificated, our cranes respect the international rules & legislations and the strict & meticulous testing procedures. In this way we can assure a high performance operation of each crane together with the operator's security and its easy inspection

          Cooperation Offered
          1. Technical collaboration
          2. Commercial Collaboration
          Cooperation Requested
          1. Technical Collaboration
          2. Commercial Collaboration
          Offer & Request

          Tower cranes

          Thanks to continuous technological updating and our ability to meet the market needs, we have developed a complete and diversified range of tower cranes able to solve all specific requirements of the various job sites.
          This strategy has enabled FMGru to strengthen its position as one of the most important manufacturers of lifting equipment in the world.

          All the FM tower cranes, always based on standard range and modified in different ways to suit the particular applications and customer needs, can be easily used in both new and already existing industrial plants and operating cycles.
          Strong, sturdy and well-sized mechanisms allow the structural characteristics of a well-defined project to be used in the best way and the use of several electronic equipment help the operator to have the perfect control of the crane.