On the occasion of the last global day of South-South cooperation (September 12, 2016) the General Secretary of the United Nations affirmed that "The collaboration known as South-South cooperation is a fundamental element of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development , consisting of 17 objectives that seek to improve people's life and dignity by the year 2030. In parallel with the traditional North-South cooperation, this democratic system of exchange represents for MSMEs a fundamental tool for the search of new opportunities for economic growth, technical development, investments, networking and workplace growth with better social development.
The strengthening of the clusters is also in line with the "European Cluster Strategy" and the "European Strategic Cluster Partnerships (ESCP)" as they will promote the access of clusters to foreign markets. The activities are in line with the priorities of Europe 2020 to promote a competitive advantage, with high potential for resources or goods. In line with the Small Business Act, the Project will support MSMEs to turn challenges into opportunities and promote "skills improvement" to face globalized markets and develop competitiveness, through group and network solutions.
In this framework, this project wants to represent for the MSMEs of Colombia an important opportunity for direct cooperation with the MSMEs of Argentina, Chile, Italy and Europe in general, thanks to the opportunities offered by the Al-Invest 5.0 Program funds. In the first call they will have the opportunity to exchange experiences and look for new economic and technical development opportunities thanks to cross-clustering activities.
Activity 1 Diagnostic comparison
Through the development of webinars organized during the implementation of the Project, the results of two other diagnoses carried out in Argentina and Chile can be compared, where good practices will be identified that will be shared among the involved SOs of the countries that promote the Project. The diagnoses already made will also be published on the internet sites of the applicant institutions and co-applicants of the Project. Promos will also send the diagnoses of the EOs that are part of the network of European partners and Latin American organizations will do the same in order to share information and promote new good practices.
Activity 2
Animated Webinars by Argentine, Chilean, Italian and Colombian experts
The themes will be agreed between the institutions involved in the Project based on the needs found in the diagnoses and shared by the project managers of the institutions that are part of the consortium. Just as examples, and based on the experience of each of the possible thematic institutions could be:
1. Linkage strategies in the US (clusters, industrial zones, networks, associations, technology parks, sectoral unions)
2. Focus on the system of clusters in Italy; the experience of cross-clustering in Italy, and between Italy, Argentina and Chile
3. The EO in Chile and its associative strengthening strategy; EOs and clusters
4. Strategies for technology transfer and business development and joint ventures
5. Awareness strategies with large entrepreneurs (good practices): the Social Responsibility Strategy of Techint Argentina; the Pymes Observatory: Techint Program, Unión Industrial de Argentina, University of Bologna (Italy)
6. North-South and South-South Economic Cooperation
7. Comparison of certification systems of MSMEs between Colombia, Italy, Argentina and Chile
8. Certification as a development strategy for MSMEs
9. Certification and technology transfer
Raffaello Benetti, Head of the Development Department of the PROMOS International Network - Chamber of Commerce of Milan
They will be treated:
- Reasons to insert themselves profitably in international activities
- requirements of SMEs to undertake a successful export
- tools for the internationalization of SMEs
- stages for a successful export and practical examples
- the digital tool and virtual business platforms
Laura Varisco, in charge of international PROMOS projects - Milan Chamber of Commerce
They will be treated:
- the use of the virtual business platform in the CLU-Red program
- procedure to load the information of the SMEs
- Procedures to organize virtual meetings with foreign companies.
Activity 3
Animation of a virtual platform where MSMEs and EOs (networks, associations, etc.) can register to promote their products and / or services, hold virtual meetings and encourage the creation of new business relationships.
The online platform (such as B2Btalk) is already created and animated by Promos. On the platform, companies will fill out their profiles and the type of cooperation they seek (technological, commercial, investment, etc.). The technicians of Promos and Eurochamber will help to make the profile more attractive so that they can find potential business partners online and start negotiating with each other through a virtual business roundtable. In the experience accumulated in the realization of other similar initiatives, he has taught us that the support in the writing of the profile and the advice to the companies can contribute an added value and to assure effective and fruitful negotiations.
Last year, Promos, on the occasion of the Project "EU-Third Countries Events at EXPO 2015" sponsored by the European Commission, in just six months of activity organized 2,114 B2B and C2C business wheels, achieving 60% of concrete negotiations started. There is no maximum number of companies that can be profiled.
Activity 4
Promotion and Networking in Europe
In order to ensure the visibility of the Project and the activities that the partners of the consortium will carry out, Promos and Eurocámara, in coordination with the Colombian Chambers, will execute specific dissemination and communication actions, these activities will be directed to both European and Hispanic-American countries involved, and of the region (networks, Chambers of Commerce, Guilds, groups, etc.) thanks to the wide network of applicants and co-applicants of the Project worldwide. The final objective will be to leave a permanent mark on the Cluster and Mipymes of Europe and Latin America in accordance with the initiatives of the European Commission.
Each web page of institutional partners, as well as their social media, will be a valid source of information about the Project, the role played by the European Union and the main point of reference for all MSMEs involved.

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