Victoria Ortega

DescriptionMantel aims to provide engineering solutions to the various problems that can face companies, combining 20 years of experience in the sector of engineering services, attention to the details of each solution designed and use of equipment of latest technology. MantelĀ“s team is formed by professionals highly trained and certified with years of experience in the provision of engineering services to the measure, which helped him to know and understand the more durable, cost-effective and efficient way to meet the particular needs of each company. Mantel over the years has been able to overcome the difficult times in the economy, through the constant reinvention of their processes; turning it into a solid and reliable compared clients company to provide a constant and high-quality service. Mantel has been praised and recognized both for its development of innovative solutions of engineering for large companies such as data centers with materials of the highest quality, as well as by the quality of the work demanded for small and medium-sized enterprises.
Organization Type Medium-sized Company,
CityBucaramanga, Transversal 22 # 87-11, Diamante 2 Google map
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    Mantel has 20 years of experience designing, installing and maintaining, optical fiber networks canalized type by means of totally dielectric cables in pipe EMT, PVC or TMG, as well as aerial fiber optic installations with supported Auto or OPGW cables.