Johan Freyssenge

DescriptionDesde los años 90, Interface Développement aporta soluciones para el drenaje de rutas publicas mediante el encofrado por extrusión de hormigón sobre una estructura plástica hinchable, la Gaine CF, implantando dicha solución de saneamiento por todo el mundo.

Gracias a nuestro proceso y equipamiento, la Gaine CF permite realizar entre 500 y 1000 metros de caz por día, en vez de 50 metros con los antiguos equipamientos. 

Organization Type Medium-sized Company
Phone+336 83 84 73 17
CityLyon, 51 rue Deleuvre Google map
Areas of Activities


    Advanced Mechanics /Industry 4.0



          Offer & Request

          Commercial collaboration on road and highway construction project

          after having develop the slot drain technology with our product “Gaine CF” in the western European countries like France, England, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Holland, we are more and more working on eastern countries (Croatia, Bosnia, Belgium, Romania, and even in a further distance Central Asia, more precisely Uzbekistan)

          We are now seeking for new projects in which we can provide our knowledge and technical solution. I have included our last brochure in order to give you a look of all the benefit that our “Gaine CF” could bring to your future project in terms of simplicity of use, time saving and human resource.