Mariano Mercadante

Saporalia - Italian Sapori
DescriptionSaporalia is a company that sells more than 1500 High End Gourmet Italian Food & Beverage products, and is dedicated exclusively to Importers and Distributors around the World. What we do is consolidating more than 150 little Gourmet small food producers all over in Italy, from Piedmont to Sicily. They are very good in producing fantastic food excellences but don’t have the skills to sell abroad, so we do that on their behalf The Business model of the company is very simple: these small Companies produce their excellences for us with our Saporalia Brand, and then we sell them to our Customers all over the World, in any corner of the Planet, by covering all the Customs duties, Labelling, Bureaucracy, Marketing and Logistics operations. Saporalia innovative concept is about acting as a unique interface between the customers and the many producers that are based in Italy; this will allow them to have a wide variety of products through 1 unique order, 1 unique delivery and 1 unique invoice/payment Saporalia is also the only food operator who helps Customers with Marketing and positioning of our products, which means that we don’t only sell the products, but provide tools and content to guarantee the successful sale of the products. Our company looks for Commercial and Institutional co-operation
Organization Type Micro and Small Company
Phone+39 335 203699
CitySeregno (MB), Piazza Donatori del Sangue n°13 Google map
Areas of Activities

Industrial maintenance


    Commercial & Institutional Collaboration

    Saporalia is looking for potential partners (Importers or distributors) in South America to co-operate with and sell Saporalia products in South American Markets

    Cooperation Requested
    1. Commercial Collaboration
    2. Institutional Collaboration

    Gourmet Food & Beverage Products

    Our company offers Gourmet High End Food & Beverage products

    Cooperation Offered
    1. Commercial Collaboration