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Air Clean Srl

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AirClean is specialized manufacturer who design and manufactures environmental air pollution control technology. Our solutions include patented bio-technologies MónaFil®, MónaShell® and CrumRubber™. Some of this technology can be used also for biogas depuration. In addition, Air Clean also provides complimentary Chemical/Physical technologies such as chemical scrubbers and adsorption systems. Air Clean offers also air process systems (biocells, windrows) using last patented bio drying process. Air Clean is a turnkey provider with over twenty-five years’ International experience covering all aspects of design, construction, installation and final testing. Air Clean is uniquely positioned to provide best in class solutions at the lowest life cycle cost, utilizing either stand-alone solutions or multi-stage multi-technology solutions.

Activity - Industry, Engineering and Plant Construction for: Air Depollution, Biogas Depuration, Solid Waste Treatment

Organization Type Micro and Small Company
Phone+39 02 93169000
CityTrezzano sul Naviglio (MI), Via Ugo Bassi, 14 Google map
Areas of Activities


    Industrial maintenance


        Offer & Request

        offering air treatment plants / requesting commercial

        We offer
        Air treatment plants using most advanced biological technologies.

        We require:
        .Contact with final clients, EPC and consultants that needs to solve an air depollution problem.
        .Contact with dealers and agent that can offer our solutions to the market.
        .Contact with suppliers of complementary products that can integrate our solution in their offer to the market (ex. if a company manufacture coverage of tank for containing odour it can offer also the odour control system).