Ester Pelizzari

Export Manager
Almar Drink & Food srl

Bilateral Meetings

  • DIGITALBIT - Wednesday
  • DIGITALBIT - Thursday
DescriptionAlmar Drink and Food was established in 1968 in a small workshop near Milan. Our ambition was to produce the best hot chocolate served in cafés using top-notch 100% natural ingredients. In almost half a century of continuous research and innovation Almar has significantly expanded its products. Almar won over the world with its preparations for cremini, slush, ice cream, preparations for yogurts and sorbets, iced tea preparations, teas, herbal teas, ginseng and guarana-flavoured coffee , fruit juices, milkshakes and preparations for appetizers starting from top quality raw materials. Almar’s goal today is to generate a steady new taste experience through a selection of new natural preparations for beverages and ice cream, to satisfy your tastes any time . The “Made in Italy” Almar quality is demanded and appreciated not only in Europe, but in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas, too.
Organization Type Micro and Small Company
CityPessano con Bornago, Via Marconi, 8 Google map
Areas of Activities



    Importer and distributor

    We are an Italian based company constantly looking for distributors and importers with whom to start a long-term partnership.

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    Cooperation Requested
    1. Commercial Collaboration

    Private label

    Almar can produce powder mix for hot chocolate, milkshakes, sorbets, ice creams, frozen yogurt and other products with the high quality of the Italian taste but with the brand of the customer.

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    Cooperation Offered
    1. Commercial Collaboration
    2. Industrial Collaboration
    3. Technical collaboration