Maxim Bristot

Sales Manager
I.P.S.International Products & Services Srl
DescriptionManufacturer of liquid crystals thermometers, promotional products, microencapsulated products for alimentary use, products for professional aesthetics, anti mosquito patches.
Organization Type Micro and Small Company
Phone+39 02 5279641
CitySan Donato Milanese , via Civesio, 6 Google map
Areas of Activities

Industrial maintenance


    Promotional products, temperature indicators, products for professional aesthetics, encapsulated mat

    Promotional products: cards with thermometers (room, fever, bath, fridge. ecc.), cards with UV ray indicators, cosmetical testers, scented leaflets.
    Temperature indicators: refrigerator thermometers, frying pan thermometers, bath tub thermometers.
    Professional aesthetics: contact thermography systems for cellulite and abdomen adiposity analisys, cosmetic testers for face and body.