The Project "Cross-Clustering Initiative"

The activities of the project aim to promote the development of the productive, business and associative capacities of the MSMEs of Chile and Argentina, of the metal-mechanical and metallurgical sector. Moreover, based on the European experience of cross-clustering, to create the institutional and business base necessary for the analysis of a common growth that allows a sustainable development.

The MSMEs and Organizations participating in the program may directly benefit from the following activities:

  1. Two public launching days of the program in Buenos Aires (April 4, 2017) and Santiago (April 6, 2017), in the presence of representatives of MSMEs, OEs, academic institutions, associations and local media.
  2. Implementation of 7 online distance training courses (webinar) given by Italian experts about clusters development, international cooperation, technology transfer strategies and business techniques, and the role of OEs’ and women's associations.
  3. study tour to Italy by OEs’ representatives from Chile and Argentina with the aim to learn more about the organization of Italian clusters (9 - 15 July, 2017).
  4. Dissemination days in Argentina and Chile to present the results of the study tour, to tell about the lessons learned and best practices, and to prepare future actions.
  5. N.2 sessions of B2B and C2C virtual meetings (Virtual Matchmaking ) through this web platform - with technical advice by the project team - which will take place from 6 to 8 of September and from 8 to 10 November 2017.     
  6. A mission of Italian companies to Argentina and Chile (2-6 October 2017) for business meetings with MSMEs and Organizations participating in the program.
  7. Two public project closing days in Buenos Aires and Santiago in the presence of representatives of MSMEs, OEs, academic institutions, associations and local media to present the activities carried out and the achievements.
  8. Drafting MoU (Collaboration Agreement) of follow-up between the organizations involved.

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